Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth is all in Wisdom

Generational wealth is not all about passing down material wealth like properties, financial instruments and other physical assets. This in fact can be very detrimental to the person that you are leaving it to. Remember everything done in excess can have an extremely negative impact on the development of character.

An alternative and arguably a more effective form of generational wealth comes from a mindsets and perfectives, as these are some of the only assets that Gain Value over time.

Some Examples of these are:

Awareness, Accountability, integrity, manifestation, punctuality, intuition, giving 100% effort, self empowering mindsets, discipline amongst others. Passing these down to future generations will create a much higher probability of security, a good life, and the ability to Thrive during the toughest of time.

Teach these attributes, for a future that people will be proud of, as most individuals who get things for free see no value it what they have been given, however giving the gift of confidence and self knowledge are very powerful motivators.

“Sometime, I would like to lose everything just to see who my friends really are”.

Donald J. Trump

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